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Title: Bird Family
Description: Every bird, same as every human, needs and loves its family. In this game the bird needs to get all the kids and deliver them to the pelican bird in order for the pelican to protect them. Move the bird with the help of the mouse but be sure to avoid the evil witch or the crow because you will lose a life. Try to avoid the dark clouds too because they will scare your kids. You will get a bonus if the next bird that you get is the same color as the previous one. You can also use the shield, if you have one, by clicking the left mouse button. Try to get all the other bonuses like the stars and the pink birds in order to increase your score. By getting the snow icon you will freeze the enemies for couple of seconds. Go ahead and save all the bird kids.
Played: 17,165
Added: 20 September 2011
Rate: 4.25 4.25 4.25 4.25 4.25
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